Give a Park, Get a Park
Participatory Design
Publication Design
Rapid Prototyping
Give a Park, Get a Park was an urban design competition coordinated by the City of Detroit. The concept was for the City to ‘give a park’ – offer to sell a mid-block, decommissioned mini-park to adjacent community residents, which would allow residents to increase financial equity and physical stake in their neighborhoods.  The same neighborhood would then ‘get a park’ – a larger park comprised of vacant, city-owned corner lots less than a mile from the former park. This new park was be planned and designed through a combined community engagement process and an innovative design competition. Our task was to compile the work of all the architects and urban designers who participated in this competition in the chosen form of a book. I experimented with drawing inspiration for the visual language of the book from the design submissions, from urban planning maps to the patterns that are used to define different terrains.
All photography by Ali Lapetina
Give a Park, Get a Park Concept
Phase I Map Graphic Explorations
Phase I Book Section Opener Explorations
Phase II Book Cover Explorations
Phase II Book Spread Layouts
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