Katya Typeface
Type design
Poster design
Haven’t you heard? Katya is one of Russia’s most exceptional exports. She is a quirky display face with an eye-catching, geometric touch. She comes with 92 unique characters and a set of kitschy fun ornaments, on top of a heathy dosage of camp sillyness. A typeface inspired by the intricacies of classic Russian baroque, architecture, and novelties, what’s not to love about Katya?! From sketches on paper to digitization of every upper and lower case character, this typeface was designed in 2015 in a class solely devoted to type design. The class finalized each of our typefaces in a collaborative type specimen book featuring all of our work, from display faces to sans-serif, that was printed and distributed. 
Type Design Process
Final Upper and Lower Case
Visual Language Inspiration
Color Palette
Additional Ornaments and Characters
Type Poster Concept
Class Specimen Book Pages
Final Typeface Poster
Folded Poster as Type Book Jacket
Animated GIFs
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