State of the Detroit Child
Web Design
Data Driven Detroit is an organization that collects, analyzes, interprets, and shares high-quality data to drive informed decision-making and increase data-driven outcomes in the metro Detroit area. Additionally, they conduct workshops, trainings, and presentations across the area to increase data literacy, while empowering communities to understand the impact of using data. In partnership with Data Driven Detroit, I was tasked to redesign their State of the Detroit data portal microsite. This data portal serves as free public access tool that presents a variety of processed datasets, maps, and visualizations that pertain to children in Detroit. When thinking of charts and datasets, a sterile and monotonous visual language is likely to come to mind. I decided to combat this, keeping in mind that the subject of this data portal is children, by using the site as an opportunity to present this information in a lively, expressive, and childlike way. 
Color Palette
Graphic Elements
Web Design and Development
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